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Terms and conditions


   We are a wholesaler and this is why we only sell the whole package of nuts, washers, screws and other standard fasteners (one box is about 4-5 kgs). The quantity in these small and large packages can vary, for example when changing supplier. Quantities in packages declared in pricelist or on web site are only approximate.


   The prices refer to the price list which can be send to you if requested in both electronic and printed form. Possible quantity discounts and term of delivery are shown on the front page. Price list is always valid to the publication of the next one. When new price list is valid from today, all orders received after the close hour of the previous working day will be processed according to the new price list.
Mostly used terms of delivery:
EXW (Ex Works) - prices are without the transport cost
CTP (Carriage Paid To) - prices are with the transport cost to (agreed place of delivery)
   Alternatively, you can also gain from our dealers special offer, especially for larger orders. For these offers, please contact us at the above e-mails and phone numbers.

   Internet connection costs or phone calls are paid by the consumer. Our phone line is charged for regular phone tariff.

Payment method

   In case of order from a new company or the person we have no business experience with, the payment has to be done in the time of delivery (cash) or by proforma invoice (payment in advance by bank transfer). We  do not offer any discount for these payments. The regular customers with good payment discipline usually pay invioces with 14 or 30 days net.
      For more information, requests or technical queries please contact us in the REQUEST, by e-mail or by phone – we will be glad to help you.

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