Studs - threaded ends
We offer full-thread studs, studs with thread at one or both ends. The various material versions will ensure the mechanical properties and surface finish according to your requirements. Another possibility is the manufacturing of variably-shaped U-bolts that are cold or hot bent. We also supply to the automotive industry.
Many items are in stock, thanks to which the ordered goods can be shipped immediately on your request.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the form of a request, by e-mail or by phone, we will be glad to help you.

For additional possibilities on the custom production of bolts see section custom production.

Studs - full-thread and with 60 mm threads at the ends

Studs - class 4.8 - no surface finish

Total-threadWith threads at both ends
(60 mm)
M16x250AvailableOn demand
M16x380On demandAvailable

All bolts marked in blue in the table are in stock without surface finish. Upon your request the bolts can be surface-finished (e.g. by zinc plating). In case of ordering the zinc-plated variant, the delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Dowel screws

Dowel screws - total-thread

M8x25Zn 4.8100
M8x35Zn 4.8100
M8x40Zn 4.8100
M8x50Zn 4.8100
M8x60Zn 4.8100
M8x70Zn 4.8100
M8x80Zn 4.8100
M8x100Zn 4.8100
M8x120Zn 4.850
M8x140Zn 4.850
M8x150Zn 4.850
M8x170Zn 4.850
M8x200Zn 4.850
M10x25Zn 4.8100
M10x35Zn 4.8100
M10x40Zn 4.8100
M10x60Zn 4.8100
M10x80Zn 4.8100
M10x100Zn 4.8100
M10x110Zn 4.850
M10x120Zn 4.850
M10x150Zn 4.850
M10x200Zn 4.850

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