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čárový kód - patka pilíře
Our company uses the system of product marking by barcodes using the most common type: EAN − 13.
It is a linearly coded 13-digit numeric code. One such barcode label can be found on the right.
Goods packaged in boxes are already marked with barcodes for some time. We have moved significantly in the number of marked items and we are still working on further improvements, particularly in the field of anchor elements and timber connectors. And also on the threaded bars themselves, where we mark both the entire pallet and the individual bundles on the pallet when it comes to dimensions that are packed into smaller parcels (up to the size of M20).
The table of our items with bar codes is available for download below by clicking at "EAN codes" tile below.
If you have any question, please contact us. We will gladly help you to provide everything needed to implement our codes in your system.
The barcodes are managed globally
by company GS1
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